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2021 Sno Bowl Raffle
2021 Raffle Winners:

Here are the names of people that won on our Groomer fund ticket.
1 - Wayne R Limberg
2 - Linda Young
3 - Dick Behlke
4 - Jason Ziegbelbauer
5 - Perry & Justin Whitty
6 - Jeremy Garbisch
7 - Brad Schmitz
8 - Russ Hofmann
9 - Brad Schmitz
10 - Connie Day
11 - Dennis Haensgen
12 - Aaron Burkhart
13 - Steve Schneider
14 - Jon & Pat Check
15 - Tim Narges/ John Wettstein
16 - Kim Schmitz
17 - Bret Markowski
18 - Brandon Street
19 - Travis Fowler
20 - Chris Mofield
2020 Sno Bol Raffle
2020 Raffle Winners:

1-William Jensen
2-Dave Casper
3-Robert Halbach
4-Dustin Duehring
5-Tom Kania
6-Don & Char Daun
7-Joe Gerner
8-Bob Simon
9-Steve Millin
10-Val Thome
11-Amber Stenberg
12-Brandon Street
13-Bruce Schneider
14-Katherine Diederich
15-Tony Fox
16-Kim Schmitz
17-Bill Diederichs
18-Jay Judkins
19-Michael Ziegelbauer
20-Kurt Mayer
2019 Sno Bol Raffle
2019 Raffle Winners:

1-Chad Tripp
2-Dick Warner
3-Jim Gravelle
4-Tom Wehner
5-Mark Raeder
6-Dave Koenen
7-Marla Reiser
8-Jay Judkins
9-Herman Griswold
10-Bill Dickmann
11-Renee Kiesner
12-Erin Meyer
13-Matt Holzman
14-Tim Bergen
15-Mike Kennedy
16-Tyler Zehren
2019 Sno Bol Vintage Show
Thank you to everyone for helping make the 2019 Sno Bol Vintage show a huge success! The weather cooperated with us and we couldn't have asked for a better day. Thank you to all who came out and supported us and also to all those that helped out.

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2018 Golf Ball Drop
2018 Golf Ball Drop Winners:
1 - Paul Marco
2 - Mike Blanck
3 - Sam Vandenberg
4 - Marilyn Ryan
5 - Mark Henecke
6 - Shaina Boehnlein
7 - Ken Kempf
8 - Paul Birschbach
9 - Nancy Lefeber
10 - Toni Schmitz
11 - Tony Fox
12 - Hallquist Dental
13 - Dawn Nett
14 - Alissa Ziegelbauer
15 - Chad Henn
16 - Jill Steffes
17 - Brad Schmitz
18 - Vic Mayer
19 - Zak Lamb
20 - Jared Berenz

Thanks to all who helped with the raffle and also to all those who purchased tickets.
2017 Sno-Bol Event
Thanks to all who came out to support our 2017 Sno-Bol event. We ended up having great weather and a great day to all of those who were there. Special thanks goes out to all who helped set it up and helped out at the event. Check out our Facebook page for more pictures. Also check out the youtube video:


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2016 Appleton Holiday Parade
Thanks to the vintage group for entering a float in the 2016 Appleton Holiday parade. They won the award for best non-commercial float!
2016 Vintage Show
Aug. 27th was a rainy day, but we made the best of it for our annual vintage show and golf ball drop.
2016 Sno-Bol
The Sno-Bol Vintage show had a great turn out. Thanks to all who helped organize it. We are looking forward to hosting it again next year.

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2015 Donation to the Town of Calumet Fire Department
The Holyland Snowflyers Snowmobile Club made a $500 donation to the Town of Calumet Fire Department to be used toward the recently purchased UTV. Burt Thome presented this check to Chief Kieth Lefeber at the August 16th Pork Chop Dinner.

Click to view the Town of Calumet Fire Department website

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2015 Activities

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2015 Sno-Bol Track Clean-up

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